Rennie: SNP further behind on mental health than we feared

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP is to use a speech to the party’s top councillors and campaigners in Perth on Saturday 4th February to put mental health on the agenda for the council elections in May. He will tell them that the SNP Government are much further behind on mental health even than feared.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“Look at the terrible record of this SNP Government on mental health.

“They let the share of the budget spent on mental health drop by their own admission for years.

“The SNP let its mental health strategy lapse in 2015 with no replacement in place.

“Young people still have to wait more than a year for treatment.

“It became clear during our budget discussions with them that the SNP Government is much further behind on mental health even than we feared.

“The SNP were simply unable to make the changes to their budget towards what we know is important for mental health. We wanted a doubling of services for young people, comprehensive support at GP surgeries and comprehensive A&E cover.

“We cannot let this drop. We cannot let the SNP and their neglect of mental health stand. They are letting people down.

“I want our council candidates to take our metal health campaign into the council chambers of Scotland.

“Liberal Democrat councillors will work in partnership with local health services for better support for people with mental health problems.

“Councils can patch up the provision that is neglected by the SNP Government.

“We can make sure local education services identify young people with mental health problems and help them get early support, and continue to help them as they transfer to adult services.

“We will make sure each council is a mental health champion, promoting good health and helping people back into employment.

“We can support voluntary groups that help people tackle loneliness and isolation.

“And we can use the influence of councillors on the Integration Joint Boards to make mental health support quick, effective and locally available.”

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