Rennie: SNP deploying devious tactics

The SNP are using devious tactics to divide the anti-independence vote in key seats to scrape a victory. That's the claim from the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats today. 

Willie Rennie says the nationalists are talking up the electoral threat from the Conservatives in key Lib Dem marginals to prevent defeat.

Speaking at the launch of a 3D votes bar chart Willie Rennie said:

"Just this week when visiting North East Fife, Nicola Sturgeon told reporters that she saw the rise of the Conservative vote as helpful to the SNP. Even though I won the seat last year with the Conservatives in a poor third place, the SNP are talking up the Conservatives in their leaflets.

"It is a devious underhand tactic that aims to split the vote against a second divisive independence referendum. The SNP know that is the only way they could hope to scrape a victory.

"They have been trying the same tactic across the country in key Lib Dem marginal seats where it is a straight choice between the Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

"Despite the tactic ever greater numbers of voters are backing the Liberal Democrats in those seats to defeat the SNP and cancel the second independence referendum.

“In seats like Edinburgh West, East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, Caithness, Argyll and the Highlands it is only the Liberal Democrats who can stop the SNP. Voters in these areas who don’t want to see another SNP MP should rally behind the Liberal Democrats to get rid of the SNP.”

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