Rennie: SNP Councillors will pay the price of failed HIE centralisation

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today said the failure of SNP’s MSP’s to listen to the concerns of local constituents over the abolition of HIE will cost local SNP councillors their seats in the upcoming council election.

Speaking to party members at a regional conference of the Scottish Liberal Democrats in Inverness, Mr Rennie said that SNP councillors will pay the price for putting party before constituents in the upcoming May council elections.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“The proposals to abolish HIE by the SNP was further evidence of their obsession with centralisation. The proposals would have diluted the ability of HIE to effectively support local businesses and communities. The Scottish Parliament rightly voted against such a move but we are yet to see a proper response from the Scottish Government.

“Despite the outcry from local constituents SNP MSP’s decided to put their party first and it will be local SNP councillors that will pay the price in the upcoming council elections in May. Local residents are becoming fed up of having an SNP cheerleader for a councillor who will stand by their party come what may.

“Liberal Democrats were against the potentially damaging centralisation of HIE from the start with local councillors joining the campaign to have the proposals shelved. When it comes to the elections in May voters will be disappointed by the actions of the SNP and will look towards a local champion who will stand up for local residents.”

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