Rennie: SNP councillors will be party poodles

Speaking in Perthshire Scottish Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has warned that SNP councillors will be party poodles, taking orders from Edinburgh rather than standing up for their communities.

Willie is visiting Perthshire and Dunblane today to meet with local candidates and activists as the council election campaign enters the final week.

Mr Rennie commented:

“Next week, voters face a clear choice between Liberal Democrat councillors who will be champions for their communities and SNP councillors who will be party poodles taking their orders from Edinburgh.

“When SNP ministers tried to centralise Highlands and Islands Enterprise. SNP councillors shamefully let it slide.

“When the police were centralised and that local connection broken, SNP councillors said nothing. 

“And when Aberdeen was short-changed by £23 million we didn’t hear a peep.

“By contrast today I am speaking from a local community shop which has been just reopened with help from a local Liberal Democrat councillor.

“This is the type of fantastic work that Liberal Democrat councillors do to help their local communities.”

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