Rennie: SNP Brexit paper is expensive exercise in Christmas window dressing

Responding to the Scottish Government's publication of 'Scotland's place in Europe' Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said: 

“This whole report is one expensive exercise in Christmas window dressing as the only option the First Minister really wants to succeed is Scottish independence.

“The First Minister has ruled out keeping the UK in the EU which breaks her promise to consider all the options.  Instead of fiddling around with ever more complex and confused fragmented arrangements for Scotland, the SNP should get behind the campaign to keep the whole of the UK in the European Union. That is the best and simplest option for Scotland and the UK. 

“Unlike all the others, the Liberal Democrats stand steadfast for Scotland in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in the European Union.  Momentum is building for a Brexit Deal Referendum and if the SNP are genuinely in favour of remaining in the EU they should back us in our efforts to give people a say on the final terms.

“The First Minister is wrong when she claims this document is a compromise as the threat of independence is still front and centre, as it has been for her whole political life."

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