Rennie: Scottish Government playing catch up on quarantine checks

After the target of spot-checking 20% of quarantining travellers was met for the first time since it was first announced in June, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented:

"It shouldn't have taken months and our raising this repeatedly with ministers including Nicola Sturgeon for this basic threshold to have finally been met.

"Experts were warning that some people weren't staying at home as required. All the indications are that these breaches spread the virus while it was at a low level. But the Scottish Government's system wasn't making an effort to track and detect that, let alone do anything about it.

"Ministers now need to build on this long-awaited progress. Scottish Liberal Democrats want to see more common-sense improvements, including monitoring the health of those quarantining and for the government to look seriously at the science of airport testing accompanied by follow-up tests at home. Together this could have huge benefits and help Scotland catch up with what other countries are doing."

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