Rennie: Scottish Government must provide a date for care home visits

Today at First Minister's Questions, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie asked the First Minister when senior citizens in care homes will be able to receive visits from their loved ones.

Mr Rennie said:

“Care home residents have been separated from their families for months just when they needed each other most. Now the First Minister says almost all care home residents have been vaccinated. Once the immunity takes hold, relatives should be allowed to hug their loved ones.

“The forced distance has had a severe toll on care home residents. A member of my constituency wrote to lament the unbearable situation her mother, a care home resident with early onset dementia, has been experiencing during the lockdown. Clinicians say that the separation is worsening dementia as visits from family are the only tether to reality that these people have left. Families are giving evidence to parliament and to their MSPs. They are crying out for urgent change. We cannot ignore them.

“The FM must give families a date when visits can begin, for everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing. Residents in care homes have to be living, not just existing "



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