Rennie: Scot Tories should keep their word or go

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie will today say that the Scottish Conservatives should keep their word over red lines in the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement or step aside.

At a gathering of Lib Dem activists, Mr Rennie said that the PM's deal is "being assaulted on multiple fronts" and call for the public to take back control of the process.

Mr Rennie said:

“The Scottish Conservatives are feeble voices for Scotland. The Prime Minister has ignored their concerns over both fishing and Northern Ireland, yet they have rolled over and let it happen.

“People will be bewildered by Scottish Conservatives complaining about the deal and then voting for it.

"David Mundell and his weak colleagues should stick to their words and vote down a deal that breaches the red lines, or they should pack up and go.

"This floundering deal is now being assaulted on multiple fronts. Anyone can see that it is not in the best interests of the country.

"The Prime Minister has admitted that there is still a chance that Brexit can be stopped. I believe that the public should be given this option with a final say on the Brexit deal."

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