Rennie: Say no to the box of freaky nationalist arguments for the next five years

Willie Rennie has used a campaign visit to Eyemouth to make a direct appeal to SNP supporters concerned about arguments over independence consuming the country for the next five years.  

Mr Rennie highlighted the divisions in the nationalist camp in the last five days of the election campaign and said that votes for the Liberal Democrats would win extra seats that would force the parliament to put recovery first, not independence. 

Mr Rennie said:  

“We have just had five consecutive days of confusing arguments inside the nationalist camp about the border, the currency and whether to join the EU. If the nationalists get a majority it will be like this for five whole years.  

“Emma Harper said Borders were a good thing then Nicola Sturgeon insisted they weren’t. Mike Russell wanted another EU referendum but Alex Salmond didn’t. And to make matters worse Lorna Slater said using the pound would be catastrophic. 

“This is the box of freaky arguments that the country will be subjected to if the nationalists win a majority of seats in the parliament on May 6th. That is why people should vote for the Liberal Democrats from the borders to the far north of Scotland as it is our seats that will make the difference. Our wins will force the parliament to put recovery first for the next five years, not independence.” 




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