Rennie: Ruth Davidson supporters urged to back Lib Dems

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today used a visit to a Driving Range in Fife to make his pitch to people who backed Ruth Davidson at the last election to switch to the Liberal Democrats this time.

On the day of the launch of the Conservative manifesto launch, Mr Rennie said:

“Many people backed Ruth Davidson at the last election because she promised what she described as a moderate and centrist platform with an open and optimistic outlook.

“I know many of these people are not attracted by the Conservative Party led by Douglas Ross and Boris Johnson.

“There is a home with my Liberal Democrats for all these people who now feel politically homeless because of the departure of Ruth Davidson.

“I oppose another independence referendum and am offering an open, optimistic vision for the country together with a platform that has a broad appeal.

“And it is Liberal Democrats wins in this election which could be the difference between the nationalists winning a majority or not. If Liberal Democrats win we can focus the parliament on recovery.”


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