Rennie: Rushed and complex new measures are knee jerk, not a strategy

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today claimed the Scottish Government is rushing through complex new measures as knee jerk reaction, not as part of a considered and agreed strategy.

Responding to the First Minister’s statement, Willie Rennie said:

“These complex set of measures are being rushed through at break neck speed and look more like a panicked knee jerk reaction than a considered, debated and agreed strategy.

“People’s sacrifices earlier this year were made on the promise of elimination of the virus. This new set of restrictions, implemented earlier than elsewhere, shows that the elimination strategy has not been a success.

“We need a new route map which everyone can understand, agreed by Parliament so that the country can see the evidence, test the assumptions and question the experts.

“The lack of advance debate and scrutiny of these measures must not be repeated for the next phase.”

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