Rennie: Right for Scotland to join Article 50 hearing

Commenting after the news that the Counsel for the Scottish Government has been invited to address Supreme Court justices on the triggering of Article 50, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

“It is right that the Scottish Government has been able to join the hearing at the Supreme Court. 

“Whatever decision is made by the Supreme Court will have a profound impact here in Scotland. Previous court decisions have affirmed that Theresa May must not trigger Article 50 without a vote in parliament. Acting without the approval of Parliament risks plunging the UK into a constitutional crisis. Scotland will now rightly be able to contribute to this appeal. 

“The vote to leave the EU was not an overwhelming one. The British public voted narrowly to leave the European Union but they did not vote as to what Brexit will look like. Liberal Democrats believe that voting for a departure is different to voting for a destination. The UK Government must recognise this and make sure a democratic process is put in place that listens and reacts to the democratic will of the people.“

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