Rennie responds to today's vote of no confidence

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie on today's vote of no confidence said:

“Liberal Democrats abstained in this vote as we were just not prepared to support a motion that undermined the integrity of the respected, independent investigator. But equally we could not back a First Minister who leads a government that let down the women who stepped up to complain.

“Scottish politics is ugly right now with incendiary language, leaking private testimony of women and cruel celebration in the midst of this tragedy. This must change.  The country deserves a progressive alternative to this poisonous, bitter SNP versus Conservative dynamic. The voters have the chance to make that happen in seven weeks.


"The debate in parliament must not be the end of this.  We need to understand how the complaints system will change and who will be held responsible for the significant errors made. This cannot be allowed to happen again."

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