Rennie responds to Theresa May speech

Responding to Theresa May's Mansion House speech, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

"Theresa May called for “bold and creative thinking” but we are still no closer to hearing how she will deal with the Irish border or maintain frictionless trade.

"Her speech outlined all the reasons why we should stay in the single market and customs union, but she will carry on regardless, driving us out to placate Brexiteers in the cabinet.

"This speech has only strengthened the case for giving the British people a vote on the final deal, with an option to stay in the EU."

Liberal Democrats have identified 5 key areas which the Prime Minister failed to deliver clarity:
1.         How to deal with the Irish border
2.         How exactly we will maintain frictionless trade
3.         Which EU agencies we will seek to be associate members of
4.         What role the ECJ will have in British law after we leave the EU
5.         Whether we will actually diverge from EU standards and regulations - and if not, what’s the point?

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