Rennie responds to "insult" of secret education report

Responding to the news that the Scottish Government will give MSPs alone a confidential OECD "summary of draft preliminary findings" on Scottish education, on the condition it isn't made public, cited or quoted, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented:

"This is an insult to the people of the country that they can't be trusted with a 7-page summary of preliminary recommendations.

"People will draw their own conclusions that the SNP are not prepared for their record on education to be judged at the election. This is a summary of fraction of a report, in a private library, under lock and key.

"This is a bind of the government's own making. It agreed to the OECD reporting a month after the election. John Swinney didn't even contact the OECD after he told Parliament he would be "happy to discuss" getting something sooner.

"The upcoming election will allow the people of Scotland a chance for change."


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