Rennie questions whether there will be new management at Ferguson's if it is nationalised

Responding to the news that the government has confirmed it is "ready" to nationalise the Ferguson shipyard, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“With government financially exposed with millions of pounds of public money involved in the maintenance of the Ferguson shipyard, it is only right that the government answers some difficult questions about their role.  We must protect the jobs of the workers and get these ferries built for the routes that are desperately awaiting new vessels so we need to make the right decisions now. 

“Will the existing management at Ferguson’s remain in place if the yard is nationalised?  Surely there must be questions about their role in the current problems.

“The government has issued loans worth £97million which ahs already been spent on the vessels so what were those loans secured against?  Was there sufficient security and will those loans be repaid?

"How is the Scottish Government going to ensure it does a better job managing this nationalisation? Its intervention at Bifab saw the promise made to hundreds of workers broken within weeks while Prestwick has recorded loss after loss on the SNP’s watch."

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