Rennie: put recovery first in the budget

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have told the Scottish Finance Secretary to put recovery first in the Scottish Budget. 

Responding to the publication of the draft budget Willie Rennie said:

“We need to spend every single penny wisely to put recovery first. Our health service, education and economy needs our needle sharp focus to ensure that they recover from pandemic.

“The mental health budget falls short of the funds it needs, especially following the massive impact on our mental health from the pandemic.  We had called for £1.2billion and that was before the pandemic. This budget falls £100million short.

“The budget is largely silent on getting our education system back up to being the best of the world again and providing support for teachers.

“The business support is full of holes and is taking far too long to get to their bank accounts.

“The finance secretary will need to address these priorities if this budget is to meet the ambition of putting recovery first.”


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