Rennie: Public satisfaction in services nosedives on SNP’s watch

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie today said that people's satisfaction in key public services has “nosedived” on the SNP's watch, after a new Scottish Government survey showed it is at its lowest level since records began.

The Scottish Household Survey 2018 shows that just 52% of adults were satisfied with local health services, schools and public transport. This is down from a peak of 66% in 2011.

Mr Rennie commented:

"The findings of the SNP Government's own official survey are unmistakeable. People are rightly unimpressed by the SNP's handling of their schools, health and transport services. Satisfaction has nosedived.

“Staff are as frustrated as anyone else and the goodwill of everyone from teachers to nurses has been relied upon for far too long.

“The SNP’s priority will always be independence. The claim that education is the First Minister’s priority is in tatters. Teachers wouldn’t be at their wits end if the SNP had put anywhere near the same amount of energy into making Scottish education the best again.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are the voice for the majority in Scotland, who want Scotland inside the UK and the UK in the EU. Everything good we want to do in Scotland will be harder with the big cuts that independence and Brexit would bring. We need to make it stop and instead make a transformational investment in education, mental health and tackling the climate emergency.”

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