Rennie: Public must get chance to save police stations

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today called on Police Scotland to conduct a full and meaningful public consultation after it was revealed that the future of dozens of local police stations is under threat.

Figures revealed by the BBC show that Police Scotland has drawn up a list of buildings in 58 locations which could be closed as part of a wide-ranging estate review.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“When the front desks in police stations closed, Scottish Liberal Democrats warned shutting the buildings altogether was the inevitable next step.

“Police stations are at the heart of many local communities and people value their presence and the service they provide.

“At the moment Police Scotland are deliberating privately. However the impact of police chiefs’ decisions will have a very public impact. There should be a move to hold an full, public and meaningful consultation on the future of these stations so that the local communities they serve have a chance to have their voices heard. They must not be presented yet again with a fait accompli.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats were the only major party to oppose the SNP’s police centralisation. We were told repeatedly they would improve local policing and the service communities receive. With the closure of public counters, control rooms and now police stations, people will rightly be wondering when they will ever see the benefits of centralisation.”

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