Rennie: People are tired of the SNP and all their promises after ten years

Speaking in response to events marking the tenth year of SNP Government in Scotland, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

“People are getting tired of the SNP and all their promises.

“They haven’t been anywhere near as good as many of their supporters had hoped back in 2007.

“They have let education drift down the international rankings. Literacy has tumbled. They have turned their back on transformative investment. 

“In the NHS, young people still have to wait up to 600 days to get the mental health treatment they need.

“The Scottish economy is on the edge of recession.

“All this is because SNP ministers have been distracted by their obsession with independence.

“They should abandon their divisive independence referendum and commit to say nothing more on it for at least the next ten years. People would welcome that across the whole country.

“We can’t afford any more tired neglect from the SNP.”

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