Rennie: Opposition parties ignoring the elephant in the room

Opposition parties are ignoring the Brexit elephant in the room the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has said today. The comments come as Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn address the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in Aviemore with neither party putting Brexit to the front of their address despite the fact that Brexit will have a huge impact on workers’ rights and social standards.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“It’s beggars belief that the First  Minister who is wanting to lead us into another independence referendum because of Brexit barely mentions Brexit at all during a general election campaign that is about Brexit. This clearly show that she is simply selling out those that voted remain to further her own cause for independence.

“At the same event we have Jeremy Corbyn clearly uncomfortable talking about Brexit and the Scottish Conservatives ashamed of their stance on Europe hoping the electorate will forget Ruth Davidson’s passionate defence of the EU in Wembley last year. Theresa May was clear on the steps of Downing Street that this was an election on Brexit and it is only the Liberal Democrats who won’t ignore the elephant in the room and stand firm in our beliefs.

“We stand to keep Scotland at the heart of the UK and the UK at the heart of Europe and every vote that goes to the Liberal Democrats is a vote against a Tory hard Brexit, it’s a vote against the division of another independence referendum and it is a vote for an open, tolerant and united Britain.”

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