Rennie: One more push for a People’s Vote

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called for “one more push to deliver a People’s Vote” as he addressed parliamentarians, councillors, campaigners and activists at a gathering in Milngavie. Mr Rennie also highlighted how a campaign supported by the Liberal Democrats from its inception has grown and grown and said that there was now palpable concern among the extremist wing of the Conservative party that Brexit can be stopped.

Mr Rennie said:

“It speaks to the heart of our values as liberals to stand with our neighbours in the UK and Europe because through partnership we can achieve so much more. 

“Two years ago Liberal Democrats stood alone in saying the public should have the chance to think again, if Brexit turned out not to deliver what was promised.

“Now we are part of a movement. The Scottish parliament has voted for a People’s Vote; trade unions and business groups have backed it; and poll after poll has shown support growing across the whole UK.

“With concern palpable among the extremist wing of the Conservative party that Brexit can be stopped, it is clear Liberal Democrats are closer than ever to securing a People's Vote. It is time MPs, particularly the Labour leadership, explored their conscience and supported that growing campaign. We need one more push to deliver a People’s Vote and a chance to remain in the EU.”

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