Rennie on Mundell’s “unconvincing claim” that “Brexit blackhole” is the only way forward

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has called for the Brexit decision “to go back to the people”, after Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell’s nightmare interview on BBC Good Morning Scotland where he couldn’t say the deal would make people’s lives in Scotland better.

Willie Rennie said:

“The Scottish Secretary can’t bring himself to say the Prime Minister’s deal will make life better for people in Scotland, and that’s because it won’t. Tearing ourselves out of Europe will hit every single Scottish household.

“People across the country watched the chaos of last week unfold and Conservative divisions deepen. Nobody is fooled by David Mundell’s unconvincing claim that this is the only way forward.

“Those who favour a people’s vote now make up the biggest cohesive bloc in British politics. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets demanding the chance to avoid a big Brexit blackhole.

“Tory arrogance has taken us this far. People deserve better than to be marched into a terrible deal that will hurt their finances. The Brexit decision needs to go back to the people.”

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