Rennie: Now is the time for people to judge First Minister’s record on education

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today pressed the First Minister over the state of education during today’s FMQs.

Mr Rennie said:

“According to the judgement of Audit Scotland this week, the Scottish Government’s performance on education is “limited and falls short”. The First Minister said she would “close” the poverty related “attainment gap completely.” But that was six years ago. 

“The First Minister predicted that such change “won’t be done overnight” but we have had 2,000 overnights since then.

“Young people have been waiting for years, and at this rate it will take 35 years to have equity in education. Meanwhile yet more generations of thousands of young people will be left behind. A yawning attainment gap. 5000 teachers on casual contracts. Maths and science at a record low in international league tables. An OECD report hidden from the voters on purpose. Even the government’s website admits “performance” is “worsening”.

“The First Minister had enough time and she has not done enough for young people in Scotland. Liberal Democrats have put forward a plan to get education back up to the best.  The First Minister said, “Judge me on education.” Well now is the time for people to judge."



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