Rennie: No teacher should be left unemployed

Responding to the Scottish Temporary and Supply Teachers’ day of action, as campaigners call on the Education Secretary to stop the casualisation of the teaching workforce, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

“When schools return, children and young people will need their teachers more than ever. But if something doesn’t change, vast numbers of qualified teachers will be unable to support the education recovery because they haven’t been given a job. It’s a senseless situation.

“No teacher should have to struggle to make ends meet by cobbling together enough work under a zero hours contract. No teacher should be left unemployed. More permanent positions need to be made available. That will give teachers the security they need to do their job, reduce class sizes and improve pupils’ learning experience for the short and long term.

“It is within the Education Secretary’s gift to make this problem go away. I hope after today, she will finally listen.”



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