Rennie: New economic report shows breaking up is hard to do

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie today said the SNP should stop stomping their feet after a new economic report warned that Scottish independence would replicate the negative impacts on growth that Brexit has caused and mean less money for public services.

The Scottish Trends report stresses “The Brexit related arguments that the break up of an economic and customs union will result in a negative impact on future economic growth - due to increased tariff and non-tariff barriers - are also valid in the case of Scottish independence from the UK economic union”. It also warns that Scotland would lose a fiscal transfer worth £10bn

Mr Rennie said:

"This report should make clear to the nationalists that independence would only worsen the economic chaos of Brexit.

“Straight away, independence would mean almost £10bn per year less for public services. A lower rate of economic growth will further eat away at cash for the NHS and education.

“Rather than stomp their feet, the SNP should face the facts: breaking up is hard to do.”

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