Rennie: Nationalists must learn lessons from Brexit and ditch independence

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today given a speech to the Public Policy Exchange seminar on 20 Years of Devolution in which he will warn that the ideologically driven pursuit of independence is undermining the success of devolution.

Addressing policy makers and representatives of civil society groups, Mr Rennie said:

"it is ideologically driven change that has brought us the chaos of Brexit.

"What we do not need is to undermine the success of devolution over the last twenty years. Independence is that threat.

"That is why we have urged the Scottish Nationalists to learn the lessons from Brexit and ditch their plans for independence.

"Neil Sedaka was right. Breaking up is hard to do.

"But there is a curious parallel emerging.

"A Conservative Prime Minister used a public referendum as a tool to heal the internal schism in the Conservative Party. 

"A Scottish Nationalist First Minister is planning a public referendum to heal the internal schism in the Scottish National Party.

"We should not allow these parties to inflict their private divisions on the public."

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