Rennie: Momentum growing for final say on Brexit deal

Speaking ahead of the debate on Scotland and EU-UK Negotiations on EU Exit, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: 

“Despite what Theresa May and the zealots in the cabinet say, there are still three options on the table. No deal, a bad deal, or no Brexit. The President of the European Council Donald Tusk has confirmed this today. 

“The EU have always been clear that if Brexit looks like a disaster we can call the whole thing off. Both Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell have recognised in recent weeks that the calls to give people a say on the final deal, being led by the Liberal Democrats, are more and more compelling. The momentum behind this is growing. 

“The Scottish Government should use this debate to join us in supporting giving the British public the final say over whatever Theresa May ends up with. 

"I know there are colleagues across all UK parties who support this and, in the face of the Cabinet's infighting and incompetence, we need to work together to protect the UK's relationship with Europe." 

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