Rennie: Lords must reject blank cheque Brexit

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats will tell the House of Lords that it should reject the blank cheque Brexit proposed by the Conservative Government.

In a speech in London on Wednesday to the 100-strong group of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Willie Rennie will say:

“The Conservatives are arguing is that we must accept whatever deal is negotiated. Whatever the deal, they will sign it.  It’s the Blank Cheque Brexit.

“If there’s job cuts – that ok – The Conservatives will sign up.

“Higher tariffs – ok.  As long as we are outside Europe.

“Lower growth – the Tories are up for that.

“EU citizens rights – ripped up – that’s fine. No matter what the effect on them and their families here and abroad.

“No European Health Insurance Card that protects the health of travellers.

“No European Arrest Warrant that delivers a speedy extradition of criminals across the EU.

“All of that can go and it won’t concern the Conservatives as they have signed the blank cheque.

“Even Ruth Davidson – who described the leave campaign as full of lies – is signed up to the blank cheque Brexit that now apparently accepts those same lies.

“Liberal Democrats oppose a blank cheque Brexit.

“We will not accept just anything.

“People voted for departure from the European Union.  Yes. But they were denied the information on the destination.

“What started with a democratic decision, that we respect, can’t end with a stitch up and a deal being imposed on the British people that nobody voted for.

“We believe that people should be given a say on the final Brexit deal in a referendum.

“In fact, we will refuse to vote to trigger article 50 unless there is a guarantee in law that the British people will be given a final say on whatever deal is agreed.

“The House of Lords have an opportunity to do something that the UK Government refuses to do

“The fact that we might have to rely on the historically undemocratic House of Lords shows how catastrophically the elected government has handled this.

“Liberal Democrats should rally every pro-EU members to stand firm against the Conservative Government and insists on a public vote.

“No referendum, no support for article 50.

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