Rennie: Lib Dems will vote against another divisive independence referendum

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Scottish Government’s motion on Section 30. The Lib Dem amendment rejects the SNP’s referendum, and presents the positive opportunity to build a strong future for Scotland inside a reformed, federal UK inside the EU.

The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie said:

“Liberal Democrats are the party of the EU across the whole of the UK. It is absurd for the SNP to put forward a referendum when there is no cast-iron guarantee that they will take Scotland back into the EU. They risk leaving Scotland outside the UK and outside of the EU. They are turning their back on their EU voters for their narrow party ends.

“We will use the debate to argue that the SNP should join with us to rally people across the UK to the cause of the EU. We will use the debate to give the Greens the opportunity to stick to their manifesto and not call a referendum for which there is no majority public demand.

"More and more people are arguing that a federal UK will be the strongest and most stable future. The amendment allows progress towards that to gather pace. The SNP motion would prevent that from ever happening."

The amendment submitted by the Scottish Liberal Democrats would alter the motion so that it reads as follows:

Amended motion—That the Parliament acknowledges the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs; believes that a second referendum on Scottish independence would only compound the uncertainty of Brexit and its risk to our economy, environment and security; notes that all measures of public opinion show there is no appetite for such a vote; further believes there is no mandate for another Scottish independence referendum on the basis of the UK leaving the EU when there are no cast-iron guarantees that full membership of the European Union will be sought or granted, and supports the development of a positive future for Scotland inside a federal UK.

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