Rennie: Legal advice must be published in full and in public

Commenting on the prospect of a vote of no confidence in the Deputy First Minister and indications from all four opposition parties that they will back such a vote, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has no choice but to order John Swinney to publish the advice in public and in full. If she does not she will lose her Deputy First Minister who is an important pillar of her government. It’s a straight choice: John Swinney or the legal advice in full and in public. 

“The committee have already been offered a private viewing of the legal advice but for it to be useful they need to be able to cite it and publish extracts in their report. Providing bits of the advice and only to the committee in private is no use whatsoever.

“Liberal Democrats will have no choice but vote to remove John Swinney if he continues to ignore parliament. It is the only leverage we have over the government.”

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