Rennie launches Scot Lib Dems general election Commit Card

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today launched the Scottish Liberal Democrat general election Commit Card. The Commit Card will be sent to voters in key constituencies to give them an easy way to commit to supporting the Liberal Democrat campaign.

Speaking to activists and supporters outside Holyrood today Mr Rennie said:

“The SNP obsession with independence at any cost, and the Tory lust for a hard Brexit are both risks facing Scotland.

“Only the Liberal Democrats stand against them.

“Ten years of SNP mismanagement has left Scotland with an education system that is slipping and a mental health strategy branded as inadequate.

“This week we have seen the damage, with literacy standards dropping.

“The SNP are six years behind the rest of the UK on the pupil premium which has been proven to raise attainment.

“They have spent a decade campaigning for independence we have now seen it is the children of Scotland who have suffered as a result.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are the only ones who will stand up for Scotland. We will put our communities first and fight for properly funded local services.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will fight for Scotland's place in the UK, the UK’s place in Europe, and investment in mental health services and education."

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