Rennie launches Lib Dems Euro election campaign in Edinburgh

Speaking at the launch of the Scottish Liberal Democrats' campaign for the European elections, party leader Willie Rennie said:

"People are fed up with Brexit. It has caused division in our country and damaged our economy. Voters now have the chance to make that stop by voting for the Liberal Democrats on 23rd May.

"People did that last week in the council elections where there was a huge surge to the Liberal Democrats.

“Brexit is bad for us however you look at it.

"Our economy is in jeopardy. Business needs to trade without new barriers, airbus is already leaving and farmers can’t get the seasonal workers they need.

"Our public services are under threat. Hundreds of thousands of EU nationals live in Scotland. We rely on them to staff our hospitals and schools and we want them to feel welcome here.

"Finally our security is at risk. Our police need to work with European police forces. We can’t risk peace in Northern Ireland and we want to work with the whole of Europe to keep us safe from climate change.

"A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a positive vote to solve these problems, prove the UK is an outward looking country and remain in the EU.”

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