Rennie: Jeremy Corbyn should just say he is washing his hair if anyone asks him to help in the campaign against independence

In advance of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Scottish Labour Conference, the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has urged the Labour Leader to stay away from any future independence referendum.  

Willie Rennie said: 

"Jeremy Corbyn's lacklustre support for the European Union was a major factor in the failure of the Remain campaign during the European Referendum.

"If anyone asks Jeremy Corbyn to help in any future campaign against independence he should just tell them he's too busy washing his hair in Islington. 

"If the nationalists get their way and we end up in another divisive independence referendum the last thing we need is the special touch of Jeremy Corbyn. 

"We are still reeling from the consequences of his mediocre effort during the Brexit vote. And his refusal to stand up and be counted now is making matters worse. 

"Liberal Democrats will campaign for Scotland in the UK and the UK in the EU and we will do so with others who share our passion and optimism."

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