Rennie: It's time to bring the country together and build a brighter future

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today used a campaign stop in Glasgow to say that he wants to bring a divided country together again by using the £50bn Remain bonus to invest in public services and tackle inequality.

Speaking after he met with local businesses and members of the public on Ashton Lane in Glasgow, Mr Rennie said:

"If you work hard and play your part, you should be able to afford a warm home, rely on good public services and build a brighter future for your family. For too many people that is not the case right now.

"The constitutional chaos has had a direct impact on our day to day lives by starving our public services of money and attention and putting businesses off from investing.

"Scotland can't just go back to business as usual. That's why Scottish Liberal Democrats don't just want to stop Brexit and independence, we want to build a brighter future by tackling deep seated inequalities and investing the Remain bonus in services such as mental health. It's time to bring the country together so that everyone has the chance of a brighter future."

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