Rennie issues final rallying call before council elections

Issuing a final rallying call to members in Edinburgh, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has urged voters to turnout and back a local champion in the council elections. With less than 24 hours until the poll opens Mr Rennie said that voting in tomorrow's election was also a chance to reject another divisive independence referendum. 

Mr Rennie said:

"It is incredibly important that everyone has their say on who they want to represent their community.

"Every Liberal Democrat Councillor will be a local champion that communities deserve. They will work all year round, not just at election time. Despite the Greens and the SNP wanting to put independence back to the top of the agenda, Liberal Democrats will serve to deliver the improvements to local services that we need.

"Our plan for a strong economy and a fair society contrasts with the reckless hard-Brexit of the Conservatives and the divisive approach of the nationalists.

"People across Scotland face a very simple choice. Do they want SNP cheerleaders or true local champions that will fix the potholes on your roads, put education as a priority and make sure our local services are well funded. I know what I would choose."

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