Rennie: Insulted 2015 SNP voters should back Lib Dems

The SNP are suffering from the biggest change in public opinion since 2014 because they have insulted a key group of voters. That is claim of Willie Rennie who says the misuse of the votes of people who backed the SNP in 2015 on the basis that they would prioritise standing up for Scotland. Now they are angry that their votes are being used to advance independence instead. Mr Rennie has urged those angry voters to back the Liberal Democrats to send a local champion to Westminster, not another cheerleader for independence.

Speaking in Perth to his party's council group leaders the Scottish Lib Dem Leader said:

"In 2015 Nicola Sturgeon paraded across the country promising that a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence. She told voters that they would stand up for Scotland and stop the Conservatives. As a result she secured the votes of a grand coalition of voters who were attracted by that simple promise.

"Yet now they are angry that the SNP has campaigned for independence ever since. When these voters wake up in the morning they hear the SNP talking about independence and when they get back from work they see the First Minister announcing her latest initiative to deliver the break-up of the UK. Independence has been the SNPs only real priority.

"It is little surprise that they feel angry and insulted by how their votes have been used. That is one of the big reasons as to why the SNP are losing votes. In just two years they have insulted and angered the very voters that helped them secure that election result.

"The big question for these voters is how they express their anger and frustration. In seats across Scotland where the Liberal Democrats are challenging the SNP these voters can back us to send a real champion for their area to Westminster instead of a cheerleader for independence. If they back our candidates we will oppose independence, stand up for our place in Europe and advance investment in education and mental health."

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