Rennie: Holyrood behind Westminster on recall

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has reiterated his call for a system of recall to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament, arguing there must be an "appropriate range of sanctions" for misconduct by parliamentarians.

The call coincides with a meeting of the Standards, Procedures & Public Appointments Committee where the official complaint against Mark McDonald lodged by SNP MSP James Dornan will be considered.

The UK Parliament passed legislation applying to the recall of MPs in 2015. 

Willie Rennie said:

“The Scottish Parliament has made a serious commitment to its staff to stamp out sexual harassment and foster a zero tolerance culture. Recent revelations have proved the processes for dealing with inappropriate conduct are not robust enough.

“I don’t want to be back here in five years again debating whether we should do this. We should adopt a system of recall now, as a way of keeping our house in order.

"This isn't about establishing a system to inconvenience or get rid of MSPs you disagree with, but for cases where there is clear and proven misconduct.

“The Scottish Parliament has fallen behind Westminster which introduced a system of recall in 2015. There is a duty on all of us here to ensure there is an appropriate range of sanctions set out to maintain the high standards among parliamentarians the public expects.”

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