Rennie: Hard day for care home families

Following the BBC publishing for the first time the details of the number of deaths linked to coronavirus in each care home in Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie commented:

"This will be the first time that many families learn the full extent of what happened in the homes of loved ones.  When I hear about the number of people who died in care homes I think of the devastated families across the country. 

“I warned at the time about the danger of admitting untested residents into care homes but the government insisted it was doing the right thing. 

"Care homes were missed out of pandemic exercise planning, received more than 3000 untested patients from hospital and then had to listen to the First Minister claim there was no statistical evidence this led to outbreaks. 

"The repercussions of the failure to protect care homes and their residents are still being felt. Visting is extremely limited, and many family members still can't see their loved one. 

"Families need the ongoing inquiry to provide answers and the next government must establish the public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic."


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