Rennie: Great news on asymptomatic testing for students

Responding to comments made my John Swinney on the Scottish Government’s strategy to get students home for Christmas, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“I am so pleased that the Scottish Government are, at last, looking at mass asymptomatic testing for students. Students were let down at the start of the last term with the botched return, virus outbreaks and local lockdowns, the Scottish Government cannot afford to do that again.

“With asymptomatic testing we can hunt down and drive out the virus from campuses.

“Students will inevitably want to go home for Christmas and their families want to have them. This is going to be a massive movement of people. The government must be prepared.

“If the government intends to follow a staggered approach to students returning home they must set out a timetable clearly and early. This needs to be a uniform, considered operation to keep students and our communities safe.

“The Education Secretary says he wants to avoid straining the testing system so he must increase the capacity at pace now.”

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