Rennie: Government must work with councils to end legacy of pay inequality

Responding to a new report from Accounts Commission warning that councils are still yet to resolve long-standing issues with equal pay, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said: 

“This is a complex process but far too many people, mainly women in low paid jobs, are waiting far too long for the money they are due.

"The Scottish Government needs to work with councils to seek a speedier solution.

"It is unfair that people are the victims of a prolonged legal battle which is compounding the mistakes on pay levels over their working life. They feel powerless in the face of the delays.  It is time for this legacy of inequality to be resolved.”

Accounts Commission said:

"Implementing equal pay remains a challenge for local government in Scotland more than a decade after the process was agreed, with around £750 million spent on settling claims so far and nearly 27,000 still outstanding. 

The Accounts Commission has reviewed how effectively councils have implemented the Single Status Agreement (SSA), introduced in 1999 to harmonise the pay structures of different groups of council employees and to help eradicate historic inequalities.

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