Rennie: Government made care home challenge harder

Commenting on the publication of the delayed report into discharges from hospitals to care homes, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said;

"What has happened in Scottish care homes is the biggest tragedy.

“It's a dark day when we discover the Scottish Government knowingly permitted the admission of over one hundred people with the virus into care homes. It sends a chill down the spine to find out that thousands more were admitted without a single test.

"Our care homes had a monumental challenge keeping residents safe from the virus but the government made that task even harder by failing to stop people with the virus from entering the homes and not even finding out if thousands more had the virus. It's easy with hindsight to see the sense in testing all people before admission to care homes but you don't need hindsight as I warned the First Minister repeatedly at the time.

“It took too long before the policy was changed. But by then thousands of untested residents had already been admitted. 

“This report should not be the end of the investigation. Families and staff deserve so much more. We need a public inquiry into this and the wider handling of the pandemic."

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