Rennie: Focus on investment and Brexit, not independence

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today used a debate on the future of Scotland’s economy to urge the SNP to turn away from independence and back a cross-party approach to avoiding a hard Brexit as the best way to protect Scotland’s economy. 

Mr Rennie said: 

“All but a handful of MSPs agree that turning away from our strong relationship with our European partners will damage our economic prospects, with 80,000 Scottish jobs at risk because of an extreme Brexit. At the same time Scotland’s exports to the UK are worth four times as much as those to the EU. 

“To grow exports to the rest of the UK and the rest of Europe we must break down barriers not build them up. 

“That is why I support calls for a cross party Cabinet Committee to prepare a new plan that can secure the maximum support possible across the UK. 

“Rather than seeking to use Europe to get an independence referendum the SNP Government should abandon its plans for independence and focus on working with others to oppose a damaging hard Brexit and investing in education and mental health through a modest increase in taxation. 

“This is the best plan for the economy and I would urge others to support it.”

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