Rennie: FM should use tomorrow’s statement to take independence off the table

Responding to the news that the First Minister intends to make a statement to parliament regarding “Scotland’s political future”, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie warned:

“The First Minister should take the opportunity to tell parliament that she is ruling out another independence referendum.  She must tell parliament that she has learnt the lesson of Brexit, that breaking up long-term economic partnerships is damaging and divisive and that she does not want to inflict that on Scotland with independence. 

“People are exhausted by the division and economic damage that Brexit has thrust upon us. Breaking up the 40 year union we have with the EU has been excruciating. Breaking up a 300 year old union with the rest of the UK would be much much worse.

“The SNP’s relentless independence focus makes it look like they have their fingers in their ears. The First Minister should take independence off the table, show the country she’s learnt lessons from the chaos of the last two and a half years and put businesses’ minds at ease.”

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