Rennie: FM needs to clear up growing muddle about travel to Spain

The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has called on the First Minister to clear up a growing muddle about travel to Spain, following the daily briefing this lunchtime.  She advised against non-essential travel abroad despite lifting the restrictions on travel from Spain. She also said prevalence of the virus was in decline despite the Spanish health ministry talking about an increase.


Willie Rennie said:

“I want to understand the logic behind the First Minister’s advice as I am keen to continue to be supportive through this pandemic, but I am genuinely confused by her remarks.  Spain warns that the virus is on the rise, but the First Minister says its down.  The Scottish Government lifts the restrictions on Spain, but the First Minister advises against non-essential travel.  It is confusing.

“The Spanish health ministry reported yesterday that infection rates in the country had trebled in the recent weeks, supported by the World Health Organisation. Yet the First Minister says prevalence rates have gone down in the last few weeks and says rates are about the same as in Scotland. She lifting the quarantine despite questioning how up to date the science is.

“Earlier this week the First Minister lifted the quarantine measures for those travelling to Scotland from Spain but today advised against non-essential travel.

“Families who have booked holidays based on the release of quarantine will now being worrying whether they can safely go abroad. We need to have confidence in the science that is being used and the advice that is being provided.”

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