Rennie: First Minister needs a clear message for different phases of lockdown

Responding to the First Minister's statement outlining how lockdown will be lifted in Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“The possibility of the country being in different phases for different activities at the same time will need careful and clear explanation if we are to avoid confusion and risk increasing the spread of the virus. The First Minister suggests we could be in phase two for work but phase four for schools and phase three for getting around. That might confuse many people.

“To help the compliance with the guidance we need a clear overarching message. The message this week is stay at home, next week it will be stay at home as much as possible. We need to understand what the message will be for further phases. The First Minister is silent on that but the government will need to set that out so we can communicate effectively.

"She also stressed that the government's Test and Protect policy will be most effective when levels of infection are low. They must set out how this will be maintained and guarantee that the testing and tracing infrastructure is in place to make it a reality."

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