Rennie: Do eminent economic advisors endorse growth commission report?

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called for the Scottish Government to say whether the members of the First Minister’s panel of economic advisors would endorse the conclusions of their growth commission.

The Council of Economic Advisers was established in 2007 to advise ministers on how to make Scotland's economy more competitive and tackle inequality within Scotland.

Mr Rennie said:

“Before the independence referendum the SNP used the vast resources of the civil service to draft their White Paper laying out their case, only for it to fall apart on contact with reality.

“Now Nicola Sturgeon has admitted that was a false prospectus and got a handful of her friends to craft a new plan for post-independence economics. If she can ditch one plan so easily the Scottish public will be forgiven for being cynical that this document holds all the answers.

“Proposals to boost the economy are long overdue but what is not is the relentless constitutional chicanery. In fact the SNP admit that many of these proposals do not require independence to be undertaken.

“Seeking to compound the chaos of Brexit with the chaos of independence is not in the best interest of the people of Scotland.

“One group who have been notably silent on this issue however are the First Minister’s Council of Economic Advisors. The First Minister owes it to the public to tell them whether her own council of learned advisors endorse this report and its conclusions. 

"A positive future for Scotland involves investing in our people through education and mental health. That needs hard work and determination. It needs to build relations with others, not break them down.

"The SNP have had a decade in charge of the Scottish economy and the result has been that we systematically lag behind the rest of the UK. Why would the Scottish public entrust their futures to this prospectus?"

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