Rennie: Ditch embryonic alliance with DUP before lasting damage is done to the UK

Willie Rennie has called on Theresa May to ditch her embryonic alliance with the DUP before it puts strains on the constitution of the whole of the UK. The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats made the call as he joined his new strong team of MPs on their first day at Westminster.

Willie Rennie said:

"Theresa May's decision to grasp onto the DUP reveals the depth of her desperation to cling onto power and the fundamental weakness of her position.

"Taking sides in the precarious politics of Northern Ireland could have significant ramifications for the whole of the UK including Scotland. The UK Government should be operating as an honest broker in Northern Ireland but that is impossible if it is in hoc to one of the protagonists.

"The constitutional politics of the UK are closely intertwined with instability in one part directly impacting on other parts. We all work hard to deal with the issues that arise but that job will be made so much more difficult with this DUP Conservative arrangement. 

"There is rightly anxiety about the DUPs views on abortion and gay rights and these views must not have an impact on government policy. Yet it is the constitutional threat that could have even wider and more immediate consequences.

"This is why Theresa May should abandon her embryonic alliance with the DUP before it does real and lasting damage."

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