Rennie demands urgent parliamentary statement on China

Reports that the Scottish Government is soon to start discussions with Chinese investors means that an urgent parliamentary statement is needed. That is the view of the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Willie Rennie, who has led the questioning of the Scottish Government on the Chinese memorandum of understanding signed in the spring , believes that a statement to establish the terms of any deal, the due diligence and the human rights checks is required to avoid a repeat of the shambles from earlier this year.

Willie Rennie said:

"It would be wrong for the talks with these Chinese investors to be rekindled without a statement to Parliament. I want to get straight answers from ministers on the terms of the deal, the due diligence process and the human rights checks.  The talks from earlier this year were shrouded in mystery and the resulting shambles tarnished our reputation in the international stage.

"The SNP Government needs to show us what they will do differently.  Our government should not be ignoring the human rights record of companies no matter how much money they have in their wallets.

"An urgent statement from this Government is essential before they restart talks with these Chinese investors."

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