Rennie demands transparency over Scottish Government finances

Responding to a new report from the Auditor General warning that the Scottish Government should be more transparent about providing public funds to support private companies, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

"The Auditor General is right to warn of the dangers of loans being given to private companies with no formal framework to show how ministers make their decisions.

"There may be occasions when it is right for the Government to step in but we have to guard against support being available only to those who have the ears of ministers.

"The Government need to put forward a a new framework to govern how these interventions will be managed in the future."

On the Scottish Government running a £339m underspend (incuding £115m from the Education and Skills portfolio), Mr Rennie said:

"The Scottish Government should be squeezing their budget until the pips squeak to ensure that every penny is working for Scotland. I'm particularly disappointed that at a time when hundreds of teaching posts are vacant, there is such a dramatic underspending in the education budget."

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